Climax Knight Online

ClimaxKO is a lvl 70 +8/+0 light farm server. We have many events and countless stuff for you to do ingame. We offer a lot of events. Knight Online PServer. Offers heart pumping PvP Events in a Fantasy MMORPG. Choose a side in the epic conflict between El Morad and Karus. You decide between a sorcery-wielding Mage, a stoic Priest, bone crushing warrior or shadowy rouge. Fight in Bi-Weekly wars and castle sieges! Earn the chance to be king and archieve power and respect. Fight in a permanent PvP Environment! Free2Play! Free Updates and Expansion Packages for Everyone! Take the edge in battle by purchasing items in our Power Up Store! Make new friends (or enemies) today! You need at least a Celeron 300 Processor with 128 MB of Ram, 400 MB of harddisk memory, a 3d 16MB Video Card with direct X support and windows up from version 98. (also XP, Vista, 7, ME, 2000, .. are supported).


More detailed information is coming soon.

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