Monkey Dynasty

JD PServer with long time gameplay settings. You won't win in couple of days. You'll have to work for your gear, fight for your territories and rally your alliences to be the best of the best. - Sunstrider/Inferna Expansion fully functional, - All Instances working - Edited Instances - Hundreds of custom icons - All 15 Realms opened - +14 cap - 81 chroma cap - EXP: 500x - Gold: 40x - Drops: 40x You can archive 150 ascend in one day. There are many online events, so you can use the high drop rate with effect. We got an online Jaden System, so you get 2 Jaden every online hour. Beside that there is also a vote for jaden (VfJ) System.


More detailed information is coming soon.

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