Quest + Clanwar | 1200+ Items | 50+ Maps | 24/7 Online & No Lag | Simply, The Best! DarKGunZ is a private server for GunZ: The Duel owned by NicK and Co-Owned by Professional. Rates are 35x experience and bounty. All IJJI Premium items are sold in the in-game Bounty shop, for free. Special item-shop for People who pay only. (Bought through multiple ways directly from our website.) A large array of custom/bought items. Designed by awsome developers such as Xsane, Bouke, e1o14 and many others Many new IJJI items added into both the Special item-shop, and the in-game Bounty shop. Many Room Tags Such as Gravity, Speed and Ping limiter. It is litterally just for BR's!

Link: https://www.darkgunz.com/

More detailed information is coming soon.

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