Cabal WS

Pserver of cabal online. Striving for new content? Here you find it! The crew is creating custom maps and stuff. Many events help you leveling up and grapping special equip. You can vote and donate. Best is, the server is DDoS protected. And everybody here knows how annoying it is, when a game server is not reachable. Here are some more stats: INFINITE Rebirth, Stat Token system [5000 extra Stat Points], start with BM3 Lv3, RedOsmium+12 [17 Amp], ClassRank 20, lvl 170 and More, Arcane Trace / Golem, NEW skills, HP increased, BALANCED PvP, Hero Coin / Shop system, HardCore channels, Daily events, AntiHack / DDoS protected


More detailed information is coming soon.

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