1. Cheating and Forcing people to vote is not wanted.

2. Every cheater is banned from our top list. Some examples for cheating are vote-bots, using proxies or forcing your visitors to vote. Please also tell your server and sites staff to not do anything of this. You are reliable for every cheated vote that comes with your website. Please also inform your visitors about that.

3. We don't allow any nudity or erotic content. This sites will be removed.

4. Your voting Link must be set on the site that your users vote for, otherwise we will remove it. It has to be visible!

5. Automatic Forwarding to the voting site is not allowed. Your users must vote in their own will. Redirecting them without asking is seen as forcing to vote.

6. Every Account Owner can create multiple sites. You can use your account to change it's settings. Double entries are not allowed! We will remove them. Miss-using will lead to ban!

7. Only Votes directly from your site are allowed.

8. You are not allowed to trade, sell or give away accounts or sites!

9. In favour for all of us - please don't ddos. Ddos Attacks against leTop100 or one of the sites listet here will lead to ban for lifetime. We know our rights, and we got a good lawyer. So please think before doing.

10. We would be very happy if you inform us about errors and bugs. leTop100 is a project for you, so please respect the lot of work we put into it.

11. With listing your site here, you agree with our webmasters editing your site information, or even remove it in case of miss-use. Dont matter, we will try to contact you in one of the cases. So please hold your contact data actual - especially your email account data.

If you think anyone is breaking the rules, please contact us.