Pure Game Server

In this category we list game-server only providers. Renting a pure game server is especially for games that are easy to install and don't need that much of customization. A lot of 3d FPS games are hostet on pure game servers. But also minecraft and other genre games can fall into this category.

The biggest advantage with renting a pure gameserver is, the players don't have to care about setup and security checks. The hosting company takes this part and lets you go almost into instant action. You only have to configure little things, or on some services only tell the staff what you need - and you get it.

The one disadvantage may be, if a host doesn't provide special services, like adding the mods and maps you want to play. Also the most pure-game servers are slot based. That means: You can choose in the buying process, how many players can connect to the server at the same time. That is a limitation you normally dont find on root e.g. real servers (beside that fact, that some games have limitations for maps or simultanoues players, due to the game mechanics).

Pure Gameserver at 4Players.de

4Players is a name in the gaming scene. And they offer game servers, too. They have very fast and stable servers with low ping rates, like anyone...