Command & Conquer

Command and Conquer (C&C) is a realtime computer game originaly developed by Westwood Studios. With Warcraft (WC) and Dune II it is considered as one of the origins of modern realtime strategy games.
C&C is based in a fictional universe, that's story begins in C&C Alert Red (Alarmstufe Rot) (also there was Command and Conquer 1 before..)
with Albert Einstein using a time machine to travel back in time and killing hitler. He wanted to prevent world war II, but could not know that the russian federation becomes strong with that.
Out of the wars between the allies and the russian union the character kain raises. With a comet, bringing the tiberium to earth, the war takes unforseeable turns.

Most parts of Command and Conquer are played in a top down view. The prior ones in 2d graphics.
The latter parts have 3d graphics engines and some even a FPS Mode.
The realtime part of the game is best played with mouse,
and a keyboard for the mass of shortcuts, who are needed for
rushing commands and gameplay.

Tiberium Alliances (Browsergame)

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