Silkroad Online

Free2Play korean MMORPG from the company joymax. The game story is oriented on the historical silkroad trails. You begin with building up your character up to level cap 125. On pservers the level cap is different. Some use real classic silkroad setups with cap 100, 80 or 75 for example.

When you reach level 20, you expand the game to it's real purpose: the silkroad trails and their tales. You are now able to choose one profession (Trade or Thieve). As a tradesman, it is your quest to get the trail from one town to the next, save. As a thieve, you have to rob the trail. This is some unique kind of gameplay. Beside that there is a whole bunch of usual mmorpg gameplay like normal pvp, capture the flag, hide and seek.

One other special thing are uniques. If a player finds and kills a unique, the players name is shown to the whole server. Another lot liked feature is the pet system.

Silkroads concept is that of a real long life game. Find friends, fight together, have fun over long time.

Eryx Online [CAP 80]

Level cap 80. Gear cap 8th degree. Skill cap 80. Server files VSRO. Races Chinese. Sox Type 8D Moon & Sostar. EXP Rate 70x. Alchemy...