Ran Online

RAN Online is really different to other mmorpgs you have played. In 2004 created, it is still some kind of cool work. The graphics aren't that bad, and the games total size is about 650MB.

RAN is based in a school setting, and that makes it really unique. You choose one of three rival schools (Sacred Gate, Phoenix or Mystic Pea). Now there is a classic story line for each school which you can follow. This story system is some kind of unique, too. It sets the player in the middle of the story and gives a special feeling of really being the hero, "the one". A point that many mmorpgs don't get to.

Ran Gunner EP7

Almost 2 Years online. Time for a celebration! (Founded in January of 2013). Come and join us. We do not do "Donate Weapon" or...