Battlefield is a series of first person shooter (FPS) games that where released for personal computer, playstation and xbox.

The games focus is PvP on big maps with many players (up to 64 a.t.m). The game is known for it's good algorithms, offering a reasonable gameplay. The setting varies from game to game - some parts simulate futuristic battles, while others theme old wars like WWII or Vietnam. Like the themes of the games, the weapons varie, and there are a lot of weapons to encounter. There are knifes, simple guns, rifles, machine guns, up to bazooka and explosives. Since the maps are really huge, you can use vehicles to get to the action faster. There are cars, tanks, aeroplanes or even ships.

The newest versions servers are hosted with license from the developer only. Thats why many entries here are clan-listings, modifications and websites that theme around battlefield. For older games we also list game-servers, but unfortunately they are rarely seen nowadays. Also they are played on LAN parties very often. Btw. we are happy for every living server that is entered here.

Drunken Ducks [BF4 Clan+Server]

Die drunken Ducks spielen Battlefield 4 im fun- und semiprofessionellen- Bereich. [TS3 Server] [Eine professionelle Homepage] [Zwei 32-Slot Ranked...

Die Geisterjäger [Battlefield C

Die Geisterjäger gibt es seit 2003, also inzwischen über 10 Jahre. Unser Hauptspiel ist nach wie vor Battlefield. Wir widmen uns aber...